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 The tile installers in our company are experts in bathroom tile repairs, floor and tile repairs, grout and tile repairs,
ceramic tile floor repairs and marble tile repair jobs.






 We know that tile repair work can involve some dust and noise.  

Be assured that we at Frontier of Palm Beach, inc. respects your people, pets and property. We are honest, reliable, hard-working craftsman. We will take great care to minimize the dust that is involved in changing the broken tiles and we will always leave a clean place after the completed tile repair and grout repair work.

We do the work ourselves. We are tile & marble setters, with many years of experience, and do very high-quality work. Frontier of Palm beach, Inc. is built on a solid foundation of warranties and promise and offers a one year limited warranty on all Tile installation and repair work performed by us.


Quality work and Lowest Prices guaranteed!

If you are in search of a talented and affordable tile contractor or marble tile installer or someone who can help you with your ceramic tile repair project, we at Frontier of Palm Beach, Inc. are trained to assist you in repairing any tiles for your home or business.

Do I Need To Seal My Porcelain Tiles?The answer to this is not so simple. The key factor is the type of porcelain used. Porcelain tiles have changed a lot over time and today there are a variety of differing standards associated with them. The first generation of porcelain tiles were actually so dense that sealing was not required at any stage. However, today, not all porcelain tiles in the marketplace are so impervious to water and other liquids.So, what do you do? Well, you need to do a simple water test on your tiles. Add a few drops to the tiles and if they appear to absorb water then we would recommend that you seal them.