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Natural stones have been one of the favorite floor tiling for years, many years in fact. They have inherent characteristics that are perfect for bathroom floorings. Slate, being a natural stone, inherits characteristics which make it advisable for use in bathroom floorings such as the following:

Aesthetic value - The popularity of use of slate tiles at home, both for exterior and interior use is greatly attributed to its aesthetic value. Its distinctive surface offers a great variety of design and color, all of which are natural. Each slate tile is different from another and this could make a bathroom so unique. The variety of color and natural design does not create an inconsistent pattern though. In fact, this adds to the beauty of the tiles as they provide a different feel that may not be achieved with other tiles, even those made from natural stones.

High durability - Another main feature of slate tile which makes it perfect for bathroom is its capacity to endure extreme hard wear. This is the reason why homeowners are recommended to use slate for floors with heavy traffic such as that of the bathroom. On some cases, some homeowners complain of signs of traffic patterns on their slate flooring. This is quite far from the truth. It must be noted that sealers are regularly used for slate tiles which actually cause the patterns to appear. Scraping could remove the traffic pattern. To know the treatment for the specific tile flooring, a record of the sealers used must be kept in order to know if one type is compatible to another.

Slip resistance - If the application of the finish is right, the natural slip resistance of the slate tiles could be preserved. Otherwise, it would be dangerous when wet. Nonetheless, the slip resistance quality of the slate tile is largely because of its uneven and rocky surface.

Slate tiles could easily fade though due to water if not sealed sufficiently. Heavy water absorption could give the slate tiles an old look. Thus it is highly recommended that the slate tile be used only in places where there is limited water exposure and that an alternative material be used for places like the shower area or the slate tiles be regularly maintained with appropriate sealers.

But of course, slate tiles are not without flaw. They tend to develop unsightly cracks overtime. Nonetheless, slate bathroom flooring is till among the most sought-after options in the bathroom flooring industry.

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